Afsc 2a3x3 tactical aircraft maintenance specialty

Department of the air force cfetp 2a3x3 headquarters us air force 28 october 2011 washington, dc 20330-1030 afsc 2a3x3 tactical aircraft

Msgt (12e7) selects name afsc line-nr aballa albert s 2a3x3 ...

Msgt (12e7) selects name afsc line-nr aballa albert s 2a3x3 1386 abernathy greene t 8p100 1501 abernethy peter d 3d1x6 3185 abrams antwaun g 1c1x1 4465

Ssgt (11e5) selects name afsc line-nr abad janjorrell ...

Ssgt (11e5) selects name afsc line-nr abad janjorrell ma 3d1x2 5550 abad jessica 3d1x2 7945 abas wilfredo jr s 4n0x1 10320 abbey ryan timothy 2a5x1 9854

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