Bio07 tr u04 ch11

All genes show simple patterns of dominant and recessive alleles. ry ry ry ry ry ry ry ry mendel's two-factor cross rryy× rryy bio07_tru04_ch11.qxd...

Bio07 tr u04 ch11

Be separated by a crossover event in meiosis. 8. what is a gene map? 9. how is a gene map constructed? bio07_tru04_ch11.qxd 5/3/06 3:43 pm page 26

Bio07 tr u04 ch11

Circle the number of chromatids in a tetrad. a. 8 b. 6 c. 4 d. 2 12. what results from the process of crossing-over during prophase i? bio07_tru04_ch11.qxd 5/3/06 3:43...

Bio07 tr u04 ch11

The ideas word for word or summarize them using your own words. do your work on a separate sheet of paper. bio07_tru04_ch11.qxd 5/3/06 3:43 pm page 19

Bio07 tr u04 ch11

B. the genotypes of the offspring. c. the alleles in the gametes of each parent. d. the actual results of a genetic cross. bio07_tru04_ch11.qxd 5/3/06 3:43 pm page 37

Chapter 11 introduction to genetics summary

Up its phenotype (for example, height). the genetic makeup of an organism is its geno-type (for example, tt or tt). summary bio07_tru04_ch11.qxd 5/3/06 3:43...

Chapter 11 introduction to genetics graphic organizer

Between parent cell assort independently, so and daughter cells each gamete has a unique combination of alleles bio07_tru04_ch11.qxd 5/3/06 3:43 pm page 36

Chapter 11 introduction to genetics chapter vocabulary review

The offspring of crosses between parents with different traits c. chemical factors that determine traits d.the different forms of a gene bio07_tr_u04_ch11.qxd 5/17/06...

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