Landslide-fleetwood mac lyrics & chords landslide-fleetwood mac. c g am g. c g am g. i took my love, i took it down. c g am g

Landslide - stevie nicks (this arrangement ...

Landslide - stevie nicks (this arrangement chorded by tom arri... the landslide brought it down... landslide - steveie nicks - lyrics-chords dheet


Landslide-dixie chicks lyrics & chords landslide-dixie chicks. intro: g d em7 d (2x) g d em7 d

Landslide (pdf) by desmond bagley (ebook)

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Champagne supernova chords and lyrics by oasis

Chords and lyrics by oasis intro - asus2 - asus2/g - asus2/gb - asus2/e... some day you will find me - caught beneath the landslide asus2/gb

Landslide, performed by smashing pumpkins

Landslide, performed by smashing pumpkins c g6 am g6 one measure of each, 4 measures per line of lyrics, over and over and over. the verses are:

Landslide2 by fleetwood mac - ez strummer

Landslide by fleetwood mac - ez fingerstyle version capo on fret 3 strumming pattern: d, du, udu chords used: intro: c - g/b - am7 - g/b

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