Kolodzei art foundation and "novyi zhurnal" sppiirriittuuaall ...

Kolodzei art foundation and "novyi zhurnal" ssppiirriittuuaall ttrraaddiittiioonn iinn rruussssiiaann ccuullttuurree. poetry evening and reception

The institute of modern russian culture

In connection with the seventieth anniversary of the review novyi zhurnal, the butler library at columbia university, new york...


Incomplete runs of new-york-based magazines the new review (novyi zhurnal) and aerial ways (vozdushnye puti). besides fiction, non-fiction and

Curriculum vitae samuel c. ramer

1980. review (in russian) published in novyi zhurnal 168-169 (september-december 1987): 466-71. samuel c. ramer: resumé 6 ransel, david.

Towards a history of russian émigré literary criticism and ...

V. varshavskii, "perechityvaia novyi grad," mosty 11 (1965):... poete" i zhurnal "chisla"," in pushkin i kul'tura russkogo zarubezh'ia...

Bodleian library slavonic & east european collections

Rossiiskie koreitsy : novyi povorot istorii : 90-e gody 5825300384 moskva : russkoe slovo, 2000... moskva : zhurnal "diaspory", 1999-v. : ill.; 22 cm. p.f04338

Bibliography of the solifugae

Aliev, sh.i., 1985. novyi vid sol'pug semeistva galeodidae (solifugae)... zhurnal, vol. 64, no. 7, moscow: 1100-1102 [in russian]. aliev, sh.i. & gadzhiev, a.t...

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