Return codes and associated messages

The s1000 (sas api error) return code is often accompanied by error messages that... the odbc term used to describe all of the information needed to locate and access a

Re:ups worldship integration error

Odbc error: state = s1000 error = odbc - call failed. when i select ok to clear the message this comes up: "no data found for the given key value."

User's guide and programmer's reference

Odbc stands for open database connectivity... to prevent a sas error, the sas odbc driver removes the _0 string found in the... the s1000 (sas api error)...

Oracle® jdbc for rdb

5.16.4 syntax error in query generated for databasemetadata.gettable s... s1000 this problem only occurs when the dbkey is retrieved as the first named column of

Adaptive server anywhere error messages - enterprise data ...

Odbc 2 state error odbc 3 state error you may have attempted to delete or modify the definition of a column that is part of a primary or foreign key.

Sas 9.3 drivers for odbc: user's guide, second edition

The s1000 (sas api error) return code is often accompanied by error messages that are... open database connectivity see odbc p passwords 18, 19, 21 encrypting 35

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Odbc error code = s1000 (general error) [microsoft][odbc microsoft access driver] could not update; currently locked by user 'admin' on machine 'nashvillecity'.

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Error codes 37 f fuzz numbers option 15, 36 i... open database connectivity (odbc) 2 p... s1000 communications access method errors 39

Oracle® timesten in-memory database

Sqlstate = s1000, native error = 0, message = [timesten]... sqlerror after each odbc call to identify error or warning conditions when they first happen.

Ibm informix odbc driver programmer's manual

Ibm informix odbc driver programmer's manual version 3.82 march 2003 part no. ct1ufna

Function dictionary

Supported in direct calls to the odbc api through visual basic, they are... s1000 an error has occurred that has no defined sqlstate-see the error message text.

Transoft u/sql user guide - test page for apache installation

Possible error conditions that may be encountered are:... the microsoft open database connectivity (odbc) standard defines two areas of conformance:

S o f t w a r e a crash course in perl5

• last one is odbc-style; generally preferred among authors, so try that if all else fails. :-)... then state will return "s1000" (general error) for all errors.

Release notes for cisco service control management suite ...

Error message is generated "sce sce0 does not support vlink functionality, aborting vlink updates in... "*** odbc warning = s1000, timesten warning = 8025

Dictionary clean-up for the future

Odbc/jdbc support in 7.3... sqlstate = s1000, code = 950220 universe/sql:... virtual attribute error: self is self-referential.

An oil flow monitoring system based on web services

3.3 s1000 specifications..…65... odbc open database connectivity... systematic error...

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