Peak performance diet - prevention and healing

Peak performance diet fat, the nutritional experts warn us, will make us fatter. for the last few decades they've advised us to eat less fat and more complex...

Diabetes epidemic: evolutionary adaptation to food crimes

Diabetes epidemic: evolutionary adaptation to food crimes by simon yu, md we are a nation of perpetual war: war on crimes, war on poverty, war on cancer and war on

Treatment and prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness

Delayed onset muscle soreness 199 table 1. selected indices evaluating muscle damage. index damage information cost difficulty of measure reliability comments

Videos, audiocassettes, cd's & books available for ...

Nutrition now judith brown book nutrition for optimal performance kris clark phd, facsm dvd prescription for nutritional healing james balch, md & phyllis

Canine nutrition - labbie

Comparison of me values in some dog food brands aafco designation # brands surveyed average me (kcal/g) range (kcal/g) maintenance: science diet, innova

Vitamin requirements in the horse - kentucky equine ...

310 vitamin requirements in the horse et al., 1995). depletion of vitamin a reserves was found within two months of a diet of hay and vitamin a free concentrate.

Sunlight, vitamin d and health: a d-lightful story

150 present in their diet in order to maintain neuromuscular and skeletal function. it was the exposure to sunlight on the skin producing vitamin d that played a

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