Specimen label tide paclo 2sc - crop data management ...

Tide paclo 2sc contains 2 lbs. active ingredient... see the label booklet for additional precautionary... selective control after pro-longed use. bentgrass putting

Pull here to open paclo pro

Paclo pro active ingredient:... label and is reasonably fit for the purposes stated in the directions for use, subject to the inherent risks referred to above...

Paclo pro ornamental growth regulator

Have the product container, label or material safety data sheet with you when calling syngenta... product name: paclo pro ornamental growth regulator...

Paclo pro

Paclo pro scp 130-996b-l1. first aid... extend to the use of this product contrary to label instructions, or under abnormal conditions or under

Appbmc8712.1-a7b (appblkpblu.1b) - globe australia

Caution keep out of reach of children read safety instructions before opening or using paclo-pro 31:1:6 fertiliser with turf growth regulator growth regulator...

Material safety data sheet syngenta crop protection, inc. ...

Have the product container, label or material safety data sheet with you when calling syngenta (800-888-8372), a poison... paclo pro ingestion: eye contact:

Paclobutrazol reduces insecticide phytotoxicity on saliva

Were filled with pro-gro 200 (pro-gro prod... respectively) the recommended label rate 5 h after paclo treatment. table 2. effect of paclobutrazol (paclo)...

+ pgr metabolic pathway - virginia tech department of horticulture

Paclo unicon topflor problems... label 1:50 1:100 1:200 0 paclobutrazol concentration verticillium dahliae... chlormequat e-pro (etigra llc)

Table of contents - australian pesticides and veterinary ...

Label approval no: "no entries" 2. agricultural products based... product name: the andersons paclo-pro 31:1:6 fertiliser with turf growth regulator


Quali-pro tide paclo 2sc gallon $255.00 1 gal $255.00 paclobutrazol trimmit 2sc primera t-nex 1... refer to label n/a quali-pro dithiopyr 40 wsb ounce $2.70 8...

Corp production services inc x x x n/a n/a no n/a x

Tide paclo *turf enhancer 2sc tide paclo 2sc (8qts/cs) 2 cs (16 qts) equal (4x1 gl)- advan 4x1 gal/cs, trimmit... pro quinclorac. $375./cs or $62.50/lb label is

Optimum pesticide spray water ph using indicate 5

We believe this information is correct but the pesticide user must always read and follow label directions. no... paclo pro syngenta 5.0 ‐ 9.0

Great lakes turf report date: 06-06-2010 manufacturer

Tide paclo 2sc advan, llc pesticide liquid gallons $0.00 t-pac e-pro mec etigra... nx-pro 13-20-20 lebanon seaboard corporation fertilizer dry 50 lb bag $0.00

2011 ppa cropbycrop

... chlormequat e-pro, cycocel daminozide b-nine, compress... paclo uni less more topflor... supplemental label allows evaluation on

Picopro manual 5.5 x 8

To third-party proprietary sub-assembly modules and/or private-label products are limited to the... thank you for purchasing the pico-pro catv signal analysis meter.

Concentration response of zonal geranium and potted ...

The initial use label for uniconazole does... ethyl)-1h-1,2,4-triazole- 1-ethanol (paclo... salaries and research support pro-

Plant growth regulators used in turfgrass management

... (roundup pro) chlorsulfuron (telar)... used. on golf courses, flurprimidol and paclo... to the pgr label and personal experience is the

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