The less storage there is for key use logging. 64k smart cards are available in blue, green... saflok™ with electronic art, and we take care of the rest.

Saflok quantum™ - kaba china - access control and workforce ...

All saflok electronic locks fitted with levers are ada compliant.)... all key-cards can be programmed to provide pe-rimeter access only to those employees

Saflok rt lock

The rt rfid electronic lock combines... frequency identification cards or tags (mifare iso 14443a)... • mechanical key override available

System 6000 scrn

Quality electronic locks and... for memory or smart cards, users can generate key-use reports to track the locks in... saflok is committed to providing the best...

Generation e-760 and 770 electronic locks

Generation e-760 and 770 electronic locks... technology and an emergency key override feature with full audit accountability to... cleaning cards, batteries...

Kaba credentials

Rfid keycards & key fobs... simply provide kaba with your electronic artwork, and we take care of the rest... saflok t.: 1.877.272.3565

2993 access control 2008 - hoppe (uk) ltd - handle of ...

Kaba - hotel & saflok... cards or key-fobs can be used for many... 87105745 ces/o-815ks ces electronic cylinder key and thumb turn

Welcome to atria golden creek

Playing cards, bunco, word puzzles and bingo... spacious, renovated apartments featuring the saflok electronic key entry system and open air balconies

By jeremy rock rfid d oor ocking ystems

The new electronic locking systems are one... cards, key farbs... saflok's quantum rfid solution offers all of the same

Cannot be read in the same way.

... news at 10 segment "electronic... while it is no surprise that an rfid credit card reader can read rfid credit cards... the key. the saflok and ilco...

Solitaire 710-ii - kaba access control - multihousing

Key override options including... electronic door lock... cleaning cards, batteries, replacement parts and additional locks.

Limited access section 18

Stripe student and faculty id cards with... saflok™ offers a wide variety of electronic locking hardware for controlling the... rfid key. saflok saflok

Product catalogue 2009

The kaba group is one of the worlds leading providers of electronic access systems, locking systems... saflok hotel locks... keys or cards to manage...

Check out these new product releases!

Global electronic hotel lock provider saflok™ announces... enables saflok locks to read a "key... preshuffled cards are the best quality product manufactured

Their security your control

Saflok's system 6000... † an electronic purse the use of smart and memory cards provides:... † if a key is lost or stolen, system 6000


Saflok confidant mt... installed electronic locks and operating systems in thousands of hotels around the world... mechanical key override

E-plex enterprise access control system

To enroll cards right at a door. as needs... saflok ™, and ilco ™ electronic access control... including emergency mechanical key override usage

Their security. your control.

Visited by the employee by interrogating the smart cards at the desklinc... desklinc will identify the key, indicate the user... † electronic lockout level

System interfaces 10-24-12 ca

Credit cards are processed directly... • saflok passport, system 5000 • ving 2100 • ving 2800 • vision electronic locks communicates guest's room number

System interfaces 4-13-12 ca - choiceadvantag

Credit cards are processed directly... • saflok passport, system... electronic locks communicates guest's room number and arrival/departure dates to your hotel's room key...

Available interfaces advantage

Credit cards are processed directly through the... • key voice • mcorp • nec neax ad 40... • saflok passport, system 5000 • ving 2100

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