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Betterbee, inc 8 meader road 1-800-632-3379 greenwich, ny 12834 your partners in better beekeeping™ top-mounted pollen trap. instruction for use

Comparison of pollen sampling with a burkard spore trap and a ...

Recorded in the burkard trap. tauber pollen in¯ ux data and cumulative burkard pollen sums showed signi cant correlation. log-transformed yearly

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36" 5x5 wire mesh 2.50' 185.00 roll pollen trap wire 36" 7x7 wire mesh 3.00' 250.00 roll... sundance pollen trap bottom entrance. $75.00

Ozark bee supply greg & shelly hannaford 918.852.3128 ...

Sundance pollen trap $ 73.25 bee quick $ 16.75 bee done $ 18.55 medications fumagilin.5 g $ 24.00 apistan $ 32.00. apiguard $ 4.25 misc. equipment frame...

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Sundance bottom mounted pollen trap complete nucs 5-frame standard nuc • telescoping top • inner cover • deep nuc body • screened bottom board

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Diagram of oac pollen trap showing individual parts bee lifts are provided by fastening three slats of wood placed on edge to the lower screen.

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Hector uses a pollen trap similar to the sundance model. there was a question on pollen in honey. the consensus is that if it is suspended in the honey, it should be

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17 pollen removal mesh - 5 wire per inch mesh 13-3/4" x 12" 2 18 excape board* 3/16" x 14-11/16" x 3-3/4" 1... trap drawer (1) author: administrator created date:

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