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Operational, accidental discharge safety alert for m500 mossberg shotgun, nsn 1005-01-295-1832, lin t39223... (tm) 9-1005-338-13&p, technical manual, unit and

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Shotgun action closed on the expended round and transitions back to the m-4. this process is repeated as required... tm 9-1005-338-13&p covers the m500.

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With the shotgun pointed in a safe direction and held in the proper firing position, move the safety forward to its "off" (fire) position.


Prescribed in tm 33-750, army equipment record procedures, b. recommendations for maintenance man-ual improvements... shotgun of the slide action, hammerless and

By order of the air force manual 36-2227, volume 1 ...

11w3-6-1-171 shotgun, 12 gauge, m500/590 (army tm 9-1005-303-14). 11w3-6-2-1 intermediate maintenance instructions with illustrated parts breakdown military shotgun...

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Tm 9-1015-200-10, headquarters, department of the army, washington, dc, 1985... mossberg m500 shotgun, 3-30 remington m870 shotgun, 3-25 to 3-30 shoulder...

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