Product data sheet: hi-build epoxoline - series 66

Series 66 product profile generic description polyamide epoxy common usage industry standard for epoxy coatings for over 30 years... series 66 author: tnemec

Product data sheet: hi-build epoxoline ii - n69 or v69

Contact your local tnemec representative for a list of... 37h, 66, l69, l69f, n69f, v69f, 90e-92, 90-97, h90-97, 90g-1k97, 90-98, 91-h2o, 94-h2o, 135, 161, 394, 530

Coater - applied sales bulletin february 26, 1999 specifications

Tnemec #66hb (cc9a) tnemec protective coatings system consisting of:... • 66-1211 epoxoline epoxy primer, one coat at 3.0 to 4.0 mils dft.

Product data sheet: pota-pox plus - n140 or v140

Colors 1211 red oxide, 1255 beige... series 27, 66, l69, l69f, n69, n69f, 73, l140, l140f, n140... contact your tnemec representative for specific...

Bulk density of 65#/cu. ft.

Sp66 followed by one coat of tnemec 66-1211 primer {.at.} 4-6 mils d.f.t. c c no paint. c 22'-0" d rev. dim. btwn. silos (was 30'-0") 6-30-09 d. created date:

Product data sheet: pota-pox plus - n140f or v140f

... nsf certification for series v140f applies to colors 1211 red... contact your tnemec representative for... 66, l69, l69f, n69, n69f, v69, v69f, 73...

Ductile iron waterworks fittings - mekar perdana

Exterior prime coat of tnemec n140-1211 pota-pox... exterior prime coat of tnemec polyamide epoxy series 66 exterior coat of tnemec hydro-zinc 2000 series 91-h20...

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