Acm symposium on principles of programming languages ...

Acm symposium on principles of programming languages (popl), january 2003 ownership types for object encapsulation chandrasekhar boyapati laboratory for...

Object-oriented programming versus abstract data types

In these languages the types have both explicit... programming languages based on the lambda-calculus, like scheme, use these same techniques to implement pda [2].

Cs 565: programming languages instructor

How do we qualify notions of abstraction and types found in modern programming languages? can we formalize the relationship between types and computation? 9.

Plc programming languages: a formal approach

Predefined task types are: main, daemon, interrupt, and exception... part 3: programming languages, iec 1131-3. technical report, international.

Concepts of programming languages: type systems

Concepts of programming languages: type systems prof.dr. mira mezini vaidas gasiunas dipl.-inform. sebastian kanthak darmstadt university of technology

Principles of programming languages - computer science at ...

Cs 314, ls,ltm: l1: introduction 6 course goals •to gain an understanding of the basic structure of programming languages: -data types, control structures, naming...

Declaring and checking non-null types in an object-oriented language

Thus,local variables with non-null types are supported nicely in these languages,since the eventual ini... rigor into programming languages,a mechanism by which

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