Unifix cube sheets

• use two different colors of unifix cubes to make the number 2. • show those unifix cubes on your paper by coloring them in to look just

Tens and ones with unifix cubes

Tens and ones with unifix cubes. materials: unifix cubes, number cards (11-19) 1.

Diagnostic assessment for a counting we will go

A counting we will go! 2002-03 www.beaconlearningcenter. com rev 11/21/03 1 diagnostic assessment for a counting we will go table of contents

How long is your foot?

74 mathematics with unifix cubes didax, inc. - www.didax.com how long is your foot? concept or skills estimating length, measuring length, graphing data

Unifix cubes designed to meet these objectives: math

Activities sorting, counting, and comparing have pairs of students take double handfuls of cubes, sort them by color, and link them into same-color

Notes to the teacher: it is recommended that the children first ...

Name date 1 2004abcteach.com notes to the teacher: it is recommended that the children first explore these activities with hands-on commercial materials, such

Unifix word

Materials procedure q pre-k q kindergarten q grades 1-3 virginia sols k.5, 1.5 unifix word literacy skills / concept of word 1. unifix cubes 1. each student...

Can you count to a googol?

12 - math, literature and manipulatives didax educational resources activity 1 have each student bring 100 objects to class. discuss larger quantities of the...

Lesson plan by jen beakas

Lesson plan by jen beakas. lesson: 12 ways to get to 11. length: 90 minutes. age or grade level intended: 1st grade. academic standard(s): mathematics 1.2.1 show...

Unifix towers

Unifix towers. materials. dice, unifix cubes, paper, pencils 1.

Unifi cbe paen cad

Title: unifix cubes activity author 2011 heidi butkus created date: 9/2/2011 5:25:59 am

Unit overview

Draft - baltimore city public schools - page 1 -grade 2 quarter 4 unit of study - draft unit overview introduction...


Unifix 1-10 stair the stair is made of durable gray plastic and consists of ten joined vertical grooves. cubes placed in the grooves demonstrate each num-

Material: a checkerboard with math questions on the squares that ...

Material: a checkerboard with math questions on the squares that form the playing surface 12 unifix cubes (or other counters) per player - a

Grade 1 supplement

Grade 1 supplement set a4 number & operations: equivalent names includes activity 1: sixes & sevens, day 1 a4.1 activity 2: sixes & sevens, day 2 a4.5

Measuring up performance standard (7b/7c)

Assessment (7b/7c).a measuring up performance standard (7b/7c).a estimate length, weight and capacity when compared to given reference points and choose...

Length and volume exploration performance standard 7a

Assessment 7a.a length and volume exploration performance standard 7a.a use non-standard units to measure and order length and volume, using real-life...

Mathematics assessment stage a--performance standard 6a-a (2)

Assessment 6a.a handful of cubes performance standard 6a.a count two handfuls of cubes separately, determine if the number of blocks is even or odd, and...

Mass (weight)

Mass (weight) make sure your scales are properly balanced and that they can move freely without catching on books or pencil cases etc. today we are going to estimate...

Math lessons for alaska state standards

National education support service www.educsupport.com grade: 1 mastery packet: 11 lesson: 1 page 1 of 3 review performance standards

's apple report

's apple report my apple is: red yellow green. my apple is unifix cubes high. this string is unifix cubes long. it measures the distance around my apple.

Title: repeating and growing patterns: calling all patterns

Title: repeating and growing patterns: calling all patterns brief overview: in this unit, students will utilize problem-solving strategies and reasoning skills in order

Building number sense k-2

ce! building number sense k-2 counting activities building instructional leaders across oregon "developing algebraic thinking" session 1 winter 2009

Unit 1 compare and measure

Science first grade unit 1 compare and measure introduction comparing and measuring is not only an essential life skill but a natural way for us to explore the

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