Take out menu #1

Best choice tbci. gal combi o. $37.99 sashimi 30pcs(assorted), sushi 12pcs (uni. hamachi, tuna, unagi, salmon, scallop), roll 6pcs(dynamire) tbc2.

Sushi menu new - yao-kiku - the zen of sushi

Sunshine roll dragon roll / vege dragon rainbow roll manhattan roll 2700 yulupa avenue suite #23 santa rosa, ca, 95405 phone: 707-578-8180 sushi...

Lunch from the sushi bar of nori kusakabe

Lunch from the sushi bar of nori kusakabe sushi lunch specials sushi lunch special 1 maguro, 1 sake, 1 hamachi plus three more chefs' choices, chefs choice roll and...


Ikura shoyuzuke $ 7.80 salmon belly sushi $ 3.80 chuka iidako $ 5.20 ootoro sushi $ 11.80

Sushi menu

Spiral ecstasy roll 6.00 | 11.00 shrimp, crab stick and avocado rolled with salmon, yellowtail and tuna kanki by the sea™ 10.00 - full size only

Soup salad dim sum sushi sashimi - pod

Dim sum steamed buns hoisin & pickled vegetables pork belly…!"."&quo t; shiitake…8.00 lettuce wraps thai peanut sauce tofu…!#."" chicken…

Sushi sashimi express bento soup salad - pod

Soup! salad miso soup…!."" tofu, scallions, wakame japanese caesar salad…#"."&quo t; watercress, chikuwa...

Sushi station - b'p.?

Soups & salads l. osumashi soup … l.so chicken broth w. noodles, scallion & mushrooms 2. miso soup...

Sushi a la carte menu - s u s h i s o n o - japanese resturant

Sushi a la carte menu a complete selection of a la carte choices, order at our sushi bar or our individual tables. nigiri zuzhi - prepared fishontopofrice...

Kinha sushi

Miso soup tofu, seaweed & scallion shiitake mushroom soup three kind of mushroom in clear soup lemongrass tom yum soup thai style hot & sour soup w/ shrimp...

Dinner - blusushi bar & grill

Starters miso soup 2.00 edamame 4.00 boiled soybeans tako suno mono 6.50 octopus with vinaigrette crispy calamari 8.00 dusted with cajun-spiced flour...

Heathrow amura sushi bar & teppan steak

Customer name: time: table#: qty: 2 pcs. per nigiri sushi order clam tobiko (caviar)

House's special grilled tuna steak with ponzu sauce and ...

A sushi pl atter $20 one maki with 6 pieces of sushi (chef's choice) b sashimi platter (chef's choice) $26 c sushi party tray (chef's choice) $35

Amura sushi bar & japanese restaurant ©

Customer name: server: table#: qty: 2 pcs. per order price: qty: price: clam 3.98 baby octopus 6.98

Sashimi & sushi appetizers maki zushi - sushi roll

Appetizers yakitori (broiled chicken rube on stick)… 6 gyoza (pan fried shrimp dumpling)… 5

Sushi bar - mahzu

Japanese restaurant sushi bar 624 west main street norwich, ct 06360 (marcus plaza) business hours: lunch: mon. thru sat: 11:00 am ~ 2:30 pm

Nozawa trust me trust me / lite - sugarfish

(2 nozawa shrimp sushi toro hand roll blue almost everyone orders one of the three trust me's; you are welcome to order a la carte. starters organic edamame $2.50

Sunda signature sushi - sunda new asian | chicago

Chilis, fried shallots, nuoc cham, commence edamame 5 organic miso soup 4 with mushrooms 5 with oxtail 7 with crab 8 7 sugar snap peas 8 shallots, sesame

Delish juice, sushi & crepe bars - newcastle ...

Delish juice, sushi & crepe bars - newcastle university job application form name: gender: (please circle) m...

Kappa menu 33 053012 (revised) - kappa sushi - san diego

At kappa sushi our menu offers a selection of dishes that are designed to be shared and served steadily during the course of the meal. diners can choose from the many...

S o u p & s a l a d - jia sushi bistro | milwaukee, wi

A p p e t i z e r s tempura tiger shrimp | kabocha | asparagus. onion | carrot | apple soy sauce7 ( choice of shrimp or vegetable ) blue crab cake

Hot appetizers cold appetizers - steak, seafood, sushi - ...

Domo77 sushi bar menu hot appetizers cold appetizers edamame $3.50 ika sansui $7.00 lightly salted garlic soybeans.

Chocolate raspberry plumtini "teppan" cosmo

|2 martini teppan hibachi steak house geisha girl vodka, malibu, peach schnapps, banana schnapps, and umbrella garnish chocolate martini vodka, godiva and...

Kitchen - momoya nyc

Specials kitchen edamame ricotta dumpling white truffle dashi 9 hot stone hamachi sansai vegetables, lotus root & rice...

S u s h i & s a s h i m i (2 pieces) 3.00 s u s h i r o l l s

Name: server: table#time: s u s h i r o l l s avocado roll ☺ 3.25

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