Texas commission on environmental quality

Joints must meet the requirements in 30 tac §§217.53(c) and 217.65. gravity lines must have a sdr 35 or less. pressurized sewer systems must have pipe with a

Sewage collection system over the edwards aquifer 10-26-09

Requirements in 30 tac §217.53 (c). gravity lines must be sdr 26 or less. pressurized sewer systems must have

Chapter 217/317 - design criteria for sewerage system

Effluent re-use as authorized under 30 tac chapter 210... proposed new §217.53, relating to pipe design, previously contained in §317.2(a), establishes the

Sewer notes 10-26-09 - welcome to new braunfels utilities

For both pipes and joints of 150 psi and shall be in accordance with 30 tac §217.53 (d) (3) (a) (i). 16.

General water notes

Meet the requirements of 30 tac 217.53(d) (pipe design) and 30 tac 290.44(e) (water distribution). saws general notes page 5 of 5 revised september 2011 11.

Volume 37 number 31 august 3, 2012 pages 5677 -5855

43 tac §217.53, §217.54... 30 days of publication of this proposal in the texas register. division 9. midwives. 1 tac §355.8161. statutory authority

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