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Los angeles, california 90024, 310.477.6565 inside this issue: 2 counterintelligence trends 2 a few trends, congressional testimoney and items of interest note: in 16 arrests, trials and convictions 107, this 16 chinese man sentenced in us military export case 17 former dow research scientist convicted of stealing trade secrets and perjury

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Ap u. s. history presidents list the young republic, 1788-1815 1. george washington, 1789-1797 2. john adams, 1797-1801, federalist 3. thomas jefferson, 1801-1809, republican

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Traditional us militia system had broken down and james felt that americans needed a way of life that was so exciting that they would no longer turn to violence out of emptiness and boredom.


A study in emerald forbore from asking what it was he did for a living. still, there was much to pique my curiosity. visitors would arrive at all hours, and when they did i would leave the

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