Kyloc supplies our warfighters throughout the country - and ...

The kyloc formed a second partnership... clothing program now includes the distribution of clothing to the marine corps reserve... the army national guard...

Army direct ordering (ado) program fox hole clothing delivery

Marine reserves 40,000 navy reserve 93,000 air national guard 107,000 army guard 360,000... kyloc and the army painstakingly met for hours, despite numerous

Warfighter-focused, globally responsive, fiscally ...

Kyloc unit # of svc members army national guard 360,000 air national guard 107,000 navy reserve 67,000 marine reserves 40,000... army reserve 207,000 customers

Facilities division

Kyloc strives to provide the best customer service and readiness for the american war fighter. major functions:... the army reserve began october 1, 2006.

Kentucky department of military affairs

Army reserve began october 1, 2006. more than 38.0 million dollars worth of inventory is stored at kyloc in support of 967,000 soldiers, sailors, marines and

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