Luxembourg - european commission

Luxembourg report 1 luxembourg pierre elvinger, løon gloden elvinger, hoss & prussen 2 place winston churchill, bp 425 1450 luxembourg t: +352 44 66 44 0

Origins and impact of the french civil code

Association française pour l'histoire de la justice / juillet 2004-07-20 - 1 - origins and impact of the french civil code

Introduction to french tort law1 - british institute of ...

Of man, which causes damages to another, shall oblige the person by whose fault it occurred to repair it"4. in addition, article 1383 provides that "one shall be...

Belgium - european commission

Belgium report 1 belgium denis waelbroeck/ kelly cherrettø/ aurølie gerth ashurst avenue louise 489 1050 brussels t: +32 2 626 1900 f: +32 2 626 1901

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