Bloom filters - striving for optimal performance

Bloom filters 1/7 june 2008 bloom filters christian antognini trivadis ag zürich, switzerland oracle database uses bloom filters in various situations.

Spectral bloom filters

[\9* j0; x mt a 42b < 1 8+ -)q % 9; +%;)* %;5 o %; r 8 $ +ai' %')* / 7;0* )j %&=1 a +%; # % dy o %' $ l \ 9* # mp+ f 8 mp+ #

Network applications of bloom filters: a survey - harvard university

Internet mathematics vol. 1, no. 4: 485-509 network applications of bloom filters: a survey andrei broder and michael mitzenmacher abstract. abloomfilter is a simple...

Multi-user broadcast authentication in wireless networks sensor

Single bloomfilter andtherequiredprobability ofafalse positive freq (freq c (0,1)), the maximum number of networkusers that can be supported is m(in2)2, that is, in f,,q

Bloom filters œ short tutorial

Procedure bloomfilter(set a, hash_functions, integer m) returns filter filter = allocate m bits initialized to 0 foreach ai in a: foreach hash function hj: filter[hj...

An effective hybrid transactional memory system with strong ...

Bloomfilter.insert(addr) writeset.insert(addr, data) procedure stmreadbarrier(addr) if bloomfilter.member(addr) and writeset.member(addr) then

Apache sqoop

... bloomfilter => 'none', replication_scope => '0', compression => 'none', versions => '3', ttl => '2147483647', blocksize => '65536', in_memory => 'false'...

For java google core libraries an overview of guava

Bloomfilter a probabilistic set. public boolean mightcontain(t); true == "probably there" false == "definitely not there" why? consider a spell-checker:

Old wine in new bottles

Bloomfilter. kmp. nslab, riit, tsinghua univ key algorithm development (iii)

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