Bayferrox oxides - welcome: your construction solutions

Product name bayferrox oxides use(s) colourant, concrete additive, pigment synonym(s) bayferrox black 318, bayferrox brown 610, marigold 960, blue circle southern cement

Your guide to using bayferrox pigments to color concrete products

Bayferrox black* bayferrox red* bayferrox yellow* bayferrox brown chrome oxide green* *available as powders and granules pastel colors using gray cement. gray...

Schwarz/black 306 - lanxess bayferrox

Bayferrox rot/red 110 bayferrox rot/red 120n bayferrox rot/ red 130 bayferrox rot/red 130b bayferrox rot/red 140 bayferrox rot/red 160 bayferrox rot/red 180

Bayferrox and colortherm pigments for paints and coatings

Bayferrox 360 is a blue-shade black with very high tinting strength. colortherm 10 is not micronized. it has a prismatic particle shape, and achieves high heat...

Colouring of concrete - lanxess bayferrox

With a bayferrox black to produce a brown shade. present-day concrete mixing technology al-lows several individual pigments to be added

Safety data sheet 245341/01

Bayferrox 318 m application:... colour: black odour: odourless melting point: > 1000 °c density: approx. 4,6 g/cm³ at 20 °c din iso 787/10 solubility in water...

Product information bayferrox 318

Description type black pigment delivery form powder chemical class synthetic iron oxide alpha-fe 3o 4 colour index pigment black 11 (77499) cas-no. 1317-61-9

Product information bayferrox 330 c

1/3 edition: 2012-01-11 previous edition: 2008-01-31 description type black pigment field of application for the buidling industry delivery form compacted pigment

Material safety data sheet

Bayferrox 360 z material safety data sheet product name product and company identification: 1. 56178604... color :black. medical conditions aggravated by over-

Inorganic pigments shade card - building industry products ...

Bayferrox schwarz / black 306 bayferrox schwarz / black 318 bayferrox schwarz / black 330 bayferrox schwarz / black 360 bayferrox gelb /yellow 420

Heat-stable pigments

Bayferrox 303 t black bluish black pigment based on manganese ferrite (fe, mn) 2 o 3 - fundamentally heat stable because of their structure bayferrox 645 t brown

Technical data sheet bayferrox 318 description

Edition: jan. 15.2007 rev. 04 technical data sheet bayferrox 318 1/3 description type black pigment delivery form powder chemical class synthetic iron oxide...

Product information bayferrox 303 t

Description type black pigment - high performance, special micronised with high thermal stability delivery form powder chemical class synthetic mixed iron and...

An initiative for more color in architecture

Bayferrox brown bayferrox black chrome oxide green yellow-red to blue-red greenish to reddish shade of yellow light brown to dark brown/red-brown

Feonox iron oxide pigments

Feonox yellow 920 bayferrox 920 nubifer y2022 feonox black 318 bayferrox 318 feonox black 330 bayferrox 330 nubifer nb2940 feonox black 750...

Product information bayferrox 610

Description type brown pigment delivery form powder chemical class synthetic iron oxide colour index combination of: pigment red 101 (77491) pigment black 11 (77499)

Product information bayferrox 330

Description type black pigment field of application for the building industry delivery form powder chemical class colour index cas-no. reach registration no.

Certificates scs (scs-fm-02)

Bayferrox black iron oxide pigment excluding bayferrox...

Cement pigment -black

Black 330 other name s: bayferrox black 318 use: cement pigment - black oxide is used as a cement colorant. section 2: hazards identification

Safety data sheet

Bayferrox 306 paper section 1: identification of the substance/mixture and of... colour black. flash point closed cup: not applicable. [conc. (% w/w): 5%]:::::

Lanxess corporation

Color index name: pigment red 101 and yellow 42 and black 11 formula: mixture of fe2o3/feooh/fe3o4 2... bayferrox 6784 pigment article number:...

Material safety data sheet

Material name: bayferrox 6530 ## article number: 2461572 page: 1 of 9 report version: 3.0 material... color index name: pigment red 101 with yellow 42 and black...

Product information bayferrox 655

Description type brown pigment delivery form powder chemical class synthetic iron oxide colour index combination of: pigment red 101 (77491) pigment black 11 (77499)

Material safety data sheet

Bayferrox 318 mb material safety data sheet product name product and company identification: 1. 05457149... color :black. medical conditions aggravated by over-

Iron oxide powder

Oxide red black deep black countertypes to bayferrox (lanxess) bayferrox 420/3920 bayferrox 120 nm bayferrox 130 m bayferrox 180 m bayferrox 318 m no colour...

Bayferrox 640 - gültas kimya

Pigment black 11 (77499) cas no. 1309-37-1... reference bayferrox 640 powder standard 1992 binder similar to wet system as per din 55 983 (1983) test paste...

Guiding formulations for general industrial coatings (solvent-based)

Color black fw 200 special black 100 bayferrox yellow 3920 hostaperm yellow h6g novoperm orange hl70 25.5 36.8 41.2 41.7 7.1- 0.5 0.5 - - - - - - 0.5

Lanxess architectural concrete and colour catalogue

Rox 686; 5 = 2,7% bayferrox 110 i carbon black 2 (7 30); 6 = 5 % bayferrox 663 photo 6: calcium silicate bricks (un-weathered reference samples in fore-

Metric mil-dtl-24441/38b(sh) superseding

Bayferrox black iron oxide 318m, lanxess pigments. 10 / conforming to astm d3734, type i. in the development of component b, amsco super high flash naphtha was...

Paint it cool! - bienvenidos a basf en españa :

60.7 parts carbon black fw 200 39.3 parts bayferrox3 yellow 3920 1 4.1 % tsr (on white substrate) 4.1 % tsr (on black substrate) 40 µm film thickness

Addendum no. 1

Sand; l.m. scofield "cool black no. 1"; bayferrox silver 330, 1 lb. per 94 lbs. light gray portland cement; or an approved equivalent, unless otherwise specified.

Lanxess at the european coatings show 2009, march 31-april 2

High-performance pigments - premium-grade, micronized iron oxides - as well as bayferrox 915, the... and bayferrox 360, a black pigment

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