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Elevation and windage adjustments if your scope has finger touch adjustments with resettable dials for bullet drop compensation, follow these

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Red do t s tr i k e f i r e red do t s tr i k e f i r e 2 3 4 dual use: shooting tactical / hunting us patent d616,986s the vortex strikefireallows you to get on target fast and shoot with both eyes open for optimum performance in fast-shooting, close-range

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Active shooter equipment: aug 06 general: i believe the acceptance of the m-4 rifle system as a "patrol rifle" has turned the odds in favor of the average patrol officer and their ability to handle a myriad of tactical

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hs-t riflesco pe specifically designed for the tactical, law enforcement and committed precision shooting communities, the vortexviperhs-ttm riflescope offers the highest levels of...

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