Postgresql buffer cache - westnet internet services ...

Buffer cache organization i shared buffers sets the size of the cache (internally, nbuffers) i the buffer cache is a simple array of that size

Awr report detailed analysis - new york oracle user ...

A texas memory systems presentation awr report detailed analysis mike ault oracle guru texas memory systems

Oracle database performance tuning guide

Oracle database performance tuning guide, 11g release 2 (11.2) e41573-04 copyright 2000, 2014, oracle and/or its affiliates. all rights reserved.

Distributed database systems - universitetet i oslo

distributed database systems vera goebel department of informatics university of oslo 2011

Operating systems process synchronization

process synchronization 3 topics covered • background • the critical-section problem • peterson's solution • synchronization hardware • semaphores

Performance optimization on sap with db2 - welcome | ...

performance optimization on sap with db2 key performance indicators jan kritter sap db6 technology centre of expertise jan.kritter<_[~at~]_&g t; mailing list: e-mail...

Oracle database 2 day + performance tuning guide

Oracle database 2 day + performance tuning guide 10g release 2 (10.2) b28051-03 april 2010 easy, automatic, and step-by-step performance tuning

Sql server perfmon counters of interest - quest software

Sql server perfmon counters of interest os memory & paging performance countersi object counter you want description memory available mbytes > 100mb unused...

Oracle database capacity planning - processdox

introduction -capacity planning capacity planning is essential to deliver a pre-determined optimal/consistent user experience throughout the lifecycle of a solution.

Different display configurations on the i.mx25 wince pdk

Different display configurations on the i.mx25 wince pdk, rev. 0 2 freescale semiconductor introduction 1 introduction as a multimedia processor, the i.mx25...

Abort, 3-5, 25-27, 89, 168, 179, 270, 321 ben-ari, m., 23

Abort, 3-5, 25-27, 89, 168, 179, 270, 321 abort message; see two phase commit; three phase commit abort list, 176, 179, 321 abort record, 187, 321

Device independence - university of missouri-st. louis

I/o management 2 request type - read or write; using the read or write control line between the cpu and dma module address of the i/o device, on the data line

Useful transaction codes - erpgeni

Useful transaction codes su02 maintain authorization profiles x su03 maintain authorizations x su10 mass change to user records x su12 delete all users x

Exam name: oracle database 11g: administration i exam ...

Exam name: oracle database 11g: administration i exam type: oracle exam code: 1z0-052 total questions: 153 page 3 of 54 identify two situations in which you can...

International sybase users group - enterprise data ...

Mda tables in ase-tips and tricks international sybase users group peter dorfman senior staff software engineer sybase, inc. peter.dorfman[${+@+}$]

The benefits of ibm exflash memory-channel storage

Benefits of ibm exflash memory-channel storage in enterprise solutions 3 introduction storage is no longer an afterthought. companies are searching for more...

Chapter 4

All-in-1 / oca/ocp oracle database 11g all-in-one / watson, ramklass / 162-918-1 chapter 4 oracle networking exam objectives in this chapter you will learn to

Cpu scheduling - stanford university

Cpu schedulingscheduling decisions may take place when a process: 1. switches from running to waiting state 2. switches from running to ready state

Performance tuning with sql server dynamic ...

Performance tuning using sql server dynamic management views by louis davidson and tim ford first published by simple talk publishing 2010

Computer organization and architecture computer ...

long i/o waits • fig 3.7c illustrates that processor utilization may not be optimal with long i/o waits • the program cannot proceed with the second

6.830/6.814 notes for lecture 4: internals overview

process models parallelism is a key to performance, in particular when i/o waits might stall computation. to maximize throughput you need to have enough stuff going on

Front cover vsam demystified - ibm redbooks front cover vsam demystified mary lovelace jose dovidauskas alvaro salla valeria sokal learn the latest vsam functions and manage vsam data

Does erasure coding have a role to play in my data center?

Microsoft research technical report msr-tr-2010-52, may 2010 does erasure coding have a role to play in my data center? zhe zhang oak ridge national laboratory

Known issues psql11sp3 - pervasive

Known issues-4 services sql 60786 record locks not being counted correctly by "waits on page and record locks" counter in windows performance monitor

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