Deep, deep winrt (and metro) - devweek | the uk's biggest ...

Sdk samples provide a suspensionmanager saveasync and restoreasync methods uses datacontractserializer under the covers sessions... async / await keywords in c#

Reactive programming with f# - tomas

> simple version of dynamic keyword in c#... > async.awaitobservable operation... > what do you need to run samples? > samples will be on my blog...

Parallel programming in

In c# 4, this gets translated into a block of code roughly as follows:... code samples ( extsamples) a quick reference guide...

Volta: developing distributed applications by recompiling

Annotations such as runat and async... online volta samples... c# source for the new client code; the recompiler

Multithreaded programming guide - nc state: www4 server

Async-safe functions… 105... a. sample application code... code samples code example 2-1 a...

Workflow and parallelextensions in

Using async activities inside a parallel activiy... samples of custom activities... a simple sample of parallelforeach behavior is illustrated below.

C socket programming tutorial- writing client/server programs in ...

Sample client/server dialog ancillary socket topics beyond sockets... • fcntl() - async signals, blocking • ioctl() - file, socket, routing, interface options

Quickbooks web connector programmer's guide

Are there samples to jumpstart my work?… 15... sample docontrol urls... use async=true...

Cuda toolkit 4.0 overview

Just register malloc'd system memory for async operations... opencl code samples and documentation books... (c#) (java) microsoft...

Implementing interoperable soa in your enterprise

• calling patterns-synch/async, one-way... c#, c++, visual, j#, cobol... samples and tools

Ajaxifyingexisting apps with the as

Focus:, asp, vb, c#... support async calls (partial rendering)... • download updated slides & samples from

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