Cafco sprayfilm wb2

Cafco sprayfilm wb2 water based intumescent coating construction applications uniclass l68116 ci/sfb (29) vu4 (k3) epic f814

Cafco sprayfilm wb3 (au) flyer

Safe to use water based intumescent coatings are safe to use during application on site or in shop and they are environmentally friendly, with cafco sprayfilm wb3...

Cafco application guide - fire protection systems ...

Cafco sprayfilm wb3 should be stored in the original unopened container, protected from rain, direct sunlight, and frost and maintained at a temperature

Report of materials and equipment acceptance division

Isolatek international. 41 furnace street : stanhope, n.j. 07874. trade name(s): cafco sprayfilm wb 4. product: intumescent coating for fire protection of structural

Icc-es evaluation report esr-1092

4.4.1 cafco sprayfilm-wb 3: sprayfilm-wb 3 intumescent material installed on structural steel members must be protected with a minimum 6-mil-thick [0.006 inch

Design no. x649

Utilizing cafco sprayfilm wb-4 intumescent fire protection material, applied to required thicknesses following the manufacturer's instructions to achieve

2004 editors' choice hotproducts - modern steel construction

Cafco sprayfilm - wb 4 intumescent fire protection coating... sprayfilm - wb 4 does not require any reinforcement (i.e. glass fiber mesh and/or adhesive basecoats).

Fire protection products

All cafco sfrms eq credit 4.1 and 4.2 1 construction waste management; recyclable waste cafco 300, cafco 400... sprayfilmwb 4 0% not applicable lawrence...

Galvanizing, coatings, and fire protection - modern steel ...

Sprayfilm wb 4 combined with cafco sprayfilm topseal, it is a low voc, water-based intumescent system investigated by under-writers laboratories, inc. for the fire...

Design no. x650 ratings - 1, 1-1/2, 2 and 3 hr. (see item 2)

Sprayfilm-wb 4 and type wb 4, investigated for interior general purpose. type sprayfilm-wb 4 and type wb 4, investi-gated for exterior use with top coat as...

1 - substance identification

Material safety data sheet date : 17/01/03 page 1 of 4 reference no. : saf-71 revision no. : 1 material / trade name : sprayfilm wb3 uncontrolled

Section 078123 - intumescent fireproofing

... cafco sprayfilm-wb 3 (for interior use) 2) cafco sprayfilm-wb 4 plus cafco sprayfilm topseal (for exterior use). 2. application: a.

Section 078124 - intumescent thin film fireproofing

All exposed columns at stair 4, entry 138 and vestibule 002, and 137... cafco sprayfilm-wb-ii, or approved equal meeting three (2) hour fire resistive rating. 2.2...

Evaluation reports newly published in january 2009

Esr-1092 isolatek international cafco sprayfilm-wb 3 intumescent fire-resistive coating esr-1108 atlanta nisseki claf, inc. exaire... 2/3/2009 4:57:37 pm...

5. spray fire protection in high rise buildings

Cell 4 circular 20% extra 10mm... sprayfilm wb 3 - survived all blast overpressures without damage. sample no 18 21mm cafco mandolite cp2 for 120 mins

Evaluation reports newly published in february 2009

Esr-1092 isolatek international cafco sprayfilm-wb 3 intumescent fire-resistive coating... anchorfix-4) adhesive anchor system for unreinforced masonry

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