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Fiction bacus, kathleen. calamity jayne goes to college. love spell, 2007. baker, larry. athens, america: a novel. first coast books, 2005. collins, max allan.

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Kathleen bacus - calamity jayne mysteries - calamity jayne (2006) nancy bartholomew - sierra lavotini stripper - the miracle strip (1998)

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Bacus, kathleen. calamity jayne goes to college / kathleen bacus. pap.bk. bacus, kathleen bangs, nina. wicked fantasy / nina bangs...

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Bacus, kathleen. calamity jayne rides again bagshawe, louise. passion: bagshawe, tilly. flawless; baker, kage. the empress of mars: balzo, sandra. bean there, done...

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Kathleen bacus, a fi-nalist in dorchester's american title contest, (calamity jayne, ca-lamity jayne rides again, dorchester love spell, january and

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Bacus, kathleen calamity jayne baer, christopher will kiss me, judas baer, robert & baer, dayna the company we keep: a husband-and-wife true-life spy story

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