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Revised 8/1//2015 page 2 of 2 getting ready for visiting: many cats do not like water on their fur. if your cat can tolerate a bath, now and then, great. but you do, however, need to ensure that your cat...

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12. the smallest surprise is the a. bug. b. mouse. c. bone. 13. all of the surprises are alike because they are a. alive. b. cold. c. food. 14. which sentence is true about all of the baby animals?

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Fraser hale dvm, favd, dipavdc board-certified veterinary dental specialist dental and oral surgery for pets d e n t a l a n d o r a l s u r g e r y f o r p e t s serving ontario veterinarians and their patients since 1991

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Hierarchy of needs 127 physiological needs physiological needs are basic: the body craves food, liquid, sleep, oxygen, sex, freedom of movement, and a moderate temperature.

Happy pig day!

Happy pig day! party ideas 4. without an alternate cooling option, pigs will wallow in mud to keep cool. 5. the size of a litter of pigs is always six.


Useful information directions by road from ml north and south -junction 13, a421 from al - black cat roundabout, a421 follow aa signs for town centre or park & ride.

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