When trying is not enough: emotion regulation and the ...

When trying is not enough: emotion regulation and the effort-success gap in bipolar disorder june gruber yale university allison g. harvey university of california, berkeley

The effects of emotional intelligence, age, work ...

Research in higher education journal the effects of emotional intelligence, page 4 hypotheses emotional intelligence and work experience in working with emotional intelligence, daniel goleman writes: our level of emotional intelligence is not fixed genetically, nor does it develop

Fostering resiliency through a growth mindset

Fostering resiliency through a growth mindset t by nikki bishop-kallmeyer, phd susie lewis, med. 1

Less 1,2,5,12,17proof - university of madras

d:rainbow\b.a.\tamil\less 1,2,5,12,17proof.pmd m.sc. psychology scheme of examination first year paper paper title hoursmarks 1. advanced general psychology 3 100

An ei-based theory of performance

Consortium for research on emotional intelligence in organizations ei and performance 1 ( www.eiconsortium.org ) an ei-based theory of performance

The novaco anger scale provocation inventory - wps

the novaco anger scale and provocation inventory (nas-pi) is a two-part test designed to assess anger as a problem of psychological functioning and physical health and

Delayed ejaculation and alexithymia: what is the ...

Introduction delayed ejaculation (de) is probably the least studied and understood of the male sexual dysfunctions (msd)1.however, its negative impact is significant as it typically results in lack of sexual

Foreword - positive psychology program

foreword we believe that the ultimate goal of coaching is for clients to become autonomous. as a coach, we can support our clients in choosing and following a direction they perceive as valuable and meaningful; a direction that results in subjective wellbeing or, using a more common term, happiness.

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