Copeland accepted refrigerants/lubricants

Msds sheets are available on the copeland website under publications. legend:... copeland ultra 32 cc, copeland ultra 32-3maf, mobil eal...

Lubricants cross reference guide

Nl pe 32 pe321g 150 sus/32 iso ultra 32-3maf, castrol sw32 york k, o - trane 78 nl pe 68 pe681g 300 sus/68 iso emkarate 68h, castrol sw68 york h - trane 37, 48

Refrigerants/lubricants approved for use in copeland compressors

Poe = copeland ultra 22 cc, copeland ultra 32 cc, copeland ultra 32-3maf... msds sheets are available at form no. 93-11 r16 (2/08)

Refrigerant changeover guidelines r-502 to r-402a/r-408a

Uniqema emkarate rl32cf, copeland ultra 32cc or uniqema rl32-3maf... -32 10.3 12.2 18 57.2 60.6 68 152.0 156.7 118 318.2 323.4 -31 10.9...

Is01294 ac slick s1 4 - society & industry news | rse

Copeland ultra 32 cc, copeland ultra 32-3maf, mobil eal... msds sheets are available at title: author: gslayton

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