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Things you should know terms used orgone: the vital primordial cosmic life force energy that allows us to sustain life in our universe. this term is used synonymously...

The secrets of kundalini & ascension, the message behind ...

george merkl.."george merkl knew of orgone energy and reich. he knew of the works of tesla and of the ufo researches of the germans in ww2.

The human energy field in relation to science

The human energy field in relation to science, consciousness, and health by gloria alvino 1.introduction "if we do not expect the unexpected, we will never find it."

Joe cell - ivan antić

Salts are left behind but the water may still contain dissolved gases. the presence of carbon dioxide reduces the ph of the water considerably.


Maglione iii wilhelm reich and the healing of atmospheres by roberto maglione natural energy works ashland, oregon, usa 2007 il portale italiano...

The astonishing story - inner centre

The three gunas the general movement of energy in both man and the cosmos is governed by the three gunas. they are much like the chinese

Armanen runes introduction - free courses and manuals

Armanen runes introduction armanen runes three free rune courses by karl hans welz, the inventor of the chi generator, orgonite and orgone radionics™

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