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But whether you call them kakuro, kakro, or cross sums, the puzzles are the same. simple to understand, challenging to solve, and every bit as addicting as sudoku!

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There are frequently two sums in a black box, divided by a diagonal white line... cross sums/kakuro/sum totals tm 3 8 15 4 14 28 11 9 3 4 16 example a...

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Cross sums sudoku another variant is the combination of sudoku with kakuro on a 9×9 grid, called cross sums sudoku, in which clues are given in terms of cross sums.

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Squares cross sums torus sudoku words spokes billiards 14th wpc french qualification part iii innovative 3rd september, 2005 90 minutes maximum score: 250...

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Sums to the specified total and no digit is duplicated in any run. assuming only numbers in the range 1... "cross-sum sudoku" [69], which combines the

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Solve cross sums/kakuro/sum totals. on the second and third pages of this document, refer to the

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by playing sudoku regularly, you can boost your concentration and focus, prevent or ease depression, dementia... ("cross sums") explanation of the game:...

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Materials: decimal cross number puzzles, dry erase pockets and dry erase markers (optional)... of the sums." the sum of the first two numbers in the last

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Jig saw, crossword, sudoku, cross sums, brain teasers, etc. shirley assured me i would have plenty of puzzles to solve in this job and so far, she has been correct.

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Odd sums sudoku fill the grid with numbers 1 through 9... 10. hehagonal cross-math (81 points) fill the grid with two sets of numbers 1 through 9 and signs

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Kakuro is known as cross sums and often referred to as a mathematical transliteration of the crossword... sudoku that was implemented on chemistry learning -

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Sudoku and some nonograms and cross sums, the fiendish new japanese puzzles-david bodycombe (penguin december 448 pp. 0-14-303746-3 $10.00)

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Sudoku, and cross-sums. i've found them to be good for filling in the many short periods of free time; they distract my mind from the other things. since i've become

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Look for sums that cross and share a common term, as in most cases, these will... sudoku puzzles, are less about mathimatical arithmetic and more about logical think-

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Keywords: kakuro, cross-sum, logic puzzle, search... the white cells such that each run sums to the specified... ond only to sudoku [2].


Reading, running, 'rithmetic (sudoku and cross-sums). volunteering - i'm on numerous community and non-profit boards. justin augustine

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Cross off the letters in the a to z list... the numbers below the diagonal lines are the sums... in this sudoku the bormal 3x3 boxes are now strangely odd

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... (a sudoku puzzle) appearing starting january 2006 little book of bathroom kakuro: 200 original cross-sums puzzles for brain-sharpening entertainment...

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Somewhere near the middle of the square where they are used in multiple sums. 3)... a sudoku puzzle is a... use the numbers that are already in the puzzle to cross...


Negative zero cross sums 11 40 12 80 it's mop, not mosp! 13? liked this test? then check out:... but in murder sudoku, you do multiplic murderplication!


Also known as cross sums or kakro in... sudoku. solution is found on page 2. good luck! safety zone: preview of things to come the september safety committee

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Cross sums and often referred to as a mathematical transliteration of the crossword... sudoku and kakuro puzzles have taken the world by storm and their...

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And sudoku), consulting on m3 project (mancala)... college of the holy cross... $2,500-$3,000for the sums conference each year 2005-present.

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Sudoku puzzlesyndication;... college of the holy cross... sums conference director, with elizabeth brown, for the yearly shenandoah

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Several cross-number puzzle books for... a popular class of finite-matching crossfigure puzzle is the sudoku [25]... reversals,8 sums and products of digits...

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Minesweeper consistency problem · sudoku · nurikabe · paint by numbers · light up · slither link. cross sums · clickomania · tetris · mastermind.

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