By order of the air force manual 65-116 volume 2 ...

Supersedes: dfas-dem 7073-2, june 2, 1998 certified by: saf/fm... example: defense finance & accounting service - denver center (dfas-de) computer

Summary of major changes to dod 7000.14-r, volume ...

Claim is sent to dfas-pmjpd/de as prescribed in dfas-dem 7073-1, chapter 26. table 26-1. who determines relationship or dependency for bah entitlement for

Dod financial management regulation volume 7a, chapter 29 ...

C. air force: dfas-de 7073.1-m, dfas-de 7073.2-m (reference (ap)), and afi 36-3014 (reference (be)). d. marine corps: individual clothing regulations (mco p10120.28

By order of the air force manual 65-116 v1

Supersedes dfas-dem 7073-1, pages: 1639 january 15, 1998. this manual provides base-level military pay policy and procedural guidance for the air force finance

United states, appellee

Calculating final pay required by the dfas manual, dfas-dem 7073-1, ch. 52 (jan. 15, 1998), had not been accomplished. in

A ccceessssiioon (ccoonnffii r rmmaat ti ioonn ooff ...

Dfas-dem 7073-1, chapter 39, and the case management system (cms) cms users guide target audience: active duty, hq air guard reserve (agr), title 10, usc...

By order of the dod 4525.6m, volume i/air force ...

Iaw dfas-dem 7073-1, para 25-2(6)d(1). *table 1-1, rule 14 (af sup 1)(added). exempt postal clerks from local details and base exercises whenever possible.

Unclas ref: a. 37 usc, sec 403 b. safimr ltr, 4 mar 02

Accordance with requirel'vfents in dfas-dem 7073-1, chapter 32. ensure members are onl y reimbursed for tle. dla, and per diem at the single rate. 5. this is an af/dp.

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