Johann weyer, pseudomonarchia daemonum

Usqueadeo porro delitescat, hanc dæmonum pseudomonarchiam, ex acharonticorum vasallorum archivo subtractam, in hujus operis de dæmonum præstigiis calce

A brief history of psychiatry

First published in 1563, de praestigiis daemonum (the deception of demons) argued that the madness of heretics resulted not from divine punishment or demonic

Ap european history

Longmans, green, reader & dyer; "de praestigiis daemonum" by johann weyer from witches, devils, and doctors in the renaissance: johann weyer, de praestigiis daemonum

Witchcraft and magic in early modern europe ...

Peters, johann weyer, de praestigiis daemonum, pp. 280-290. jean bodin, on the demon mania of witches, 290-302 reginald scott, discoverie of witchcraft pp. 394-402.

History and recent developments

1583, he published de praestigiis daemonum("the slight of hand of demons"), which disputed the malleus malificarum. weyer's book was placed on the pope's list of...

Lycanthropy a belief that a man will turn into a wolf (s-v-49)

Wyer, j. (1566). de praestigiis daemonum et incantationibus et veneficiis, basilae, in aa.vv. (1981). mal di luna. roma: newton & compton

Catalogue 42

Utation des opinions de jean wier" [refutation of the opinions of johann weyer] on ff. 218-252. weyer had stated in his de praestigiis daemonum (1563) that the

1980 dbq - witches

Johan wier (a belgian physician), de praestigiis daemonum, 1563...that childish old hags called witches can do anything to harm men or animals...

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