Denso iridium power iridium tough torch - 火花塞 ...

Torch-denso cross reference chart this chart should be used for guidance only. design and material differences between... k16tr11 ik16 vk16 k5rdy-11

Car saudi arabia - denso

Denso 9 1416202224272931323435... cross reference small engine motor cycle europe & usa... 3400 <5vz-fe> 1997 - 1999 k16tr11 ik16 vk16 ik01...

Cross reference chart

Denso europe bv 191 cross reference chart ngk denso bcpr6ekd ql20tr-s bcpr6ep-11 pq20r bcpr6ep-13 pq20r13... bkr5ek-11 k16tr11 bkr5ekb11 k16tr11 bkr5ekc k16tnr-s9

Bosch ngk champion ngk denso ngk f5dc bcp7es 2095 ...

Bosch ngk champion ngk denso ngk f5dc bcp7es 2095 bkr5e iuf22 cr7hix... f6dpx bk6e-11 c6byc bcp7et k16tr11 bkr5ekb-11 f6dp bk6e c6ycc bcp7es k20-u bkr6eya

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