Epocast 1626-a/b - adhesives distributor, dow corning ...

Epocast 1626a/b page 1 of 3 7/3/2007 advanced materials epocast 1626-a/b epoxy syntactic - toughened foam - impact resistant - vibration resistant

Advanced materials deliver high performance

Epocast 1626-c1/d2 bms 5-28, type 26, sms 116201, type 3 10 rt 70 0.65 faster version of epocast...

Aerospace adhesives and epoxy resins - page 1 -

Epocast 1511a/b non flow epoxy edge filler 1qt/kit (1.1 kg) 103683itl... epocast 1626 a/b two part epoxy syntactic foam 6oz/kit 134419itl

Parts manufacturing and repair - abic - kolfiber, glasfiber ...

Epocast 1626 products bms 5-28, type 26 5-60 rt 70 171) 0.65 toughened foam epocast...

Product highlight - november 2010

Epocast 169/9615 a/b... epocast 1626 a/b two part epoxy syntactic foam 6oz/kit 134419itl epocast 1628 a/b resin 1gl part a/ 1qt part b/kt 113008itl

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