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Florida panthers have an unusually large number of health problems. most are related to poor habitat conditions and genetic defects resulting from inbreeding.

Florida panther facts

Florida panther facts status: endangered, federally listed in 1967 color: tawny brown on the back and pale gray underneath. kittens have dark spots.

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While most florida panthers reside south of lake okeechobee, in recent years several males have traveled northward into central and northeast florida.

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Adult florida panthers live by themselves and are very territorial. each adult may use up to 200 square miles for his/her own territory. a male

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Female florida panthers have bred as young as 18 months of age (maehr et al. 1989a) and as late as 11 years of age. the mean age of denning females

Fish and wildlife conservation commission on size

Fish and wildlife conservation commission statement on estimating panther population size december 2010 florida panthers (puma concolor coryi...

Florida panther population viability analysis

To model the wild population of florida panthers, the age of first reproduction was set at either 2 or 3 (the computer program cannot handle fractional years)...

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Florida panthers sixth grade: 1. the florida panther is a subspecies of what cat? a. cougar b. lion c. tiger d. bobcat answer: a 2. how has human behavior...

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Florida panthers and other wildlife. wildlife society bulletin 23(1): 95-100. henry, j.a., k.m. portier, and j. coyne. 1994. the climate and weather of

Florida panther biomedical investigations michael ...

As of 30 june 1994, 9 florida panthers (5 males and 4 females; 6 authentic and 3 piper stock) are held in captivity for the captive breeding program.

U.s. department of the interior big cypress

Experience your america big cypress national park service u.s. department of the interior big cypress national preserve florida panthers - what you need to know

Panther update

Panther update september 2008 big cat field stories panthers verses hurricanes by mark lotz, fwc no, this is not an announcement of a charity sports event between

Florida panther habitat use in response to prescribed fire

Mccauley (1976) postulated that florida pan- thers were attracted to burns because of im- proved hunting conditions, and panthers have

Florida panther timeline

What does panther pulse say the current number of florida panthers is? 3. click "threats" on the home page. on the back of this paper list threats to the...

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Annual report on the research and management of florida panthers ...

Annual report on the research and management of florida panthers: 2010-2011. florida fish and wildlife conservation commission. revised 15 november 2011

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Florida panthers are the last remaining representation of the race or races of pumas that previously roamed throughout the eastern united states.

Florida panther biologist, florida fish puma concolor

Vehicle mortality on florida panthers. however, underpasses with an appropriate length of fencing seem to be the only proven method to protect

Boston bruins vs. florida panthers

Boston bruins vs. florida panthers friday, december 23, 2011 td garden, boston ma boston bruins 2011-12 season florida panthers 12-6-1 home record 8-3-5

Florida jr. panthers travel hockey club inc. (non profit ...

Florida jr. panthers travel hockey club inc. (non profit corporation) the florida jr. panthers hockey club is a non-profit organization that provides elite level

Estimation of the bottleneck size in florida panthers

Estimation of the bottleneck size in florida panthers m. culver1,, p. w. hedrick2, k. murphy3, s. o'brien1, & m. g. hornocker4 1 laboratory of genomic diversity...

Reproductive characteristics of male florida panthers...

Reproductive characteristics of male florida panthers: comparative studies from florida, texas, colorado, latin america, and north american zoos

Florida panther update

Working with florida panthers: a veterinarian's perspective by john a. bryan, ii, dvm, ms photo by ralph arwood it was a wonderful and exciting pleasure for me...

National wildlife refuge - conservation library

Florida panther national wildlife refuge questions and answers how many panthers use the refuge? on a monthly time frame, 5-11 panthers use a portion of the refuge

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