Flygt n-pumps 3085, 3102 & 3127 - xylem water & wastewater ...

Flygt n-pumps 3085, 3102 & 3127 for reliable and efficient wastewater handling

Flygt n-pump series

Flygt n-pump series self-cleaning pumps with sustained high efficiency

Installation, care and maintenance

5150.350/360 general danger: non-observance given to safety instructions in this manual, which could cause danger to life have been specifically highlighted with

Care and maintenance 3085,3102,3127

contents data plate interpretation 2 product description 4 general design of a flygt pump 5 installation...

3085 3102 3127

3085, 3102, 3127 3085.182: standard 3085.092: eex d iib t4 fm: class i div. 1 grp. c and d class ii div. 1 grp. e, f and g suitable for use in class iii div. 1

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