Gurps shadowrun 4th edition conversion - ...

contents contents about gurps steve jackson is the man responsible for bring-ing us this incredibly flexible roleplaying system. steve jackson games (www.sjgames...

Gurps lite - june 1999 edition - weirdness central - home page

Gurpslite 1 an introduction to roleplaying fromsteve jackson games gurpslite what is gurps? gurpsstands for "generic universal roleplaying system," the rpg...

Gurps 4e - eberron web 090924 - lafs welt

Contents contentsÂ…2 introductionÂ…2 disclaimer...

Rpg review

Rpg review issue #8, june 2010 3:16... doctor who...terran trade authority... dragon age... foresight... blue planet... ringworld... gurps aging

Rpg review

Rpg review issue #4, june 2009 sorcery & demons designer's notes... dennis sustare... slurps for gurps... age of fable... empty chambers, spent

Captain kronos: vampire hunter - hinterwelt enterprises

Captain kronos: vampire hunter dvd review by c. demetrius morgan synopsis before buffy donned her cheerleader uniform or found out she was the chosen

Horror rises from the tomb - hinterwelt enterprises

Horror rises from the tomb euro thriller collection review by c. demetrius morgan synopsis the opening scene shows us a procession of 15th century soldiers leading a...

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