Complete alphabetical skill list for gurps 4th edition

Complete alphabetical skill list for gurps 4th edition compiled by eric b. smith. last updated on 5/27/05. - 9 of 9 - skills attr diff default/prereq page

Skill categories - steve jackson games

Gurps skill categories 1 this document sorts the hundreds of skills in the gurps basic set into 25 categories associated with common adven-turing activities...

2 - a ppendix dvantage - steve jackson games

Names on the list. cost the point value... this is an alphabetical listing of all skills in gurps, along with type... whether the skill is physical or mental...

Gurps® character assistant v2 data file format specification

Gurps character assistant v2 data file format specification page 2 contents... skill or spell that tells gca exactly where to look for that particular item.

Gurps steve jackson games

Gurps dungeon fantasy, and gurps power-ups series.… and the list keeps growing. sean has been a gamer since... sional skill (torturer) and interrogation...

Savage worlds conversion data.

Gurps shadowrun % skill system d20 skill system +'s to stat skill... basic skill list. skill (linked attribute) boating (agility) climbing (strength)

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Based on gurps magicby steve jackson... the herb lore skill… 211... this e-mail list hosts much of the online discussion of

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These two functions simply return the highest or lowest value from a list of values... same fashion as used by the gurps books. for example, if the skill can default

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One of gurps main intentions is to have balanced characters... • skill +2, if large amounts of their elemental are present skill -2, if none at all.

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Skill at no penalty (treat it as a sling stone with a (0.2) armor divisor.) $3, 1 lbs... gurps document created date: 8/29/2010 3:35:57 pm...

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Table 2 - extra heading change skill mods…14 table 3 - cannon malfunction table... 2.1. gurps vehicle statistics...

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Opera rpg setting, see gurps traveller: first in from the same publisher. 1.3 the most important thing... tables 2.1 and 2.2 list a set of skills and skill groups use-

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Instead of a skill roll number. aura- and emanation-based abilities will have (a) or (e). the bestiary... in gurps terms would definitely be very hard and have a

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