Pyramid #3/30: spaceships

Editor-in-chief stevejackson chiefoperatingofficer philipreed artdirector willschoonover e23manager stevenmarsh gurps lineeditor seanpunch

Starship record sheet for gurps

Starship record sheet for gurpsgurps is a trademark of steve jackson games, and its rules and art are copyrighted by steve jackson games. all rights are reserved...

Gurp s steve jackson games

Gurps spaceships series.thislinesupportsgu rps space campaignsbyprovidingready -to-usespacecraftdescript ions andrulesforspacetravel,co mbat,andoperations.eachvo l-

Alternate systems version 2.0 rc 1

Gurps spaceships 6: mining and industrial spacecraft is 2009 steve jackson games incorporated. gurps spaceships 7: divergent and paranormal

News from steve jackson games fairy dust, waiting for santa on the way our first two munchkin mini-expansions are about to hit store shelves!... gurps spaceships 4:

Space and space fiction

To explain how the spaceships work or... though gurps space is intended as the chief sourcebook for sci-ence fiction roleplaying using the gurps system...

Gurps star wars sourcebook

Gurps vehicles 2nd ed.) and can be combined with the deflector shields option... aboard spaceships: a large number of engineers are required

Spacecraft design table ### ### ### ### ### ### 1.06a tl ...

Gurps spaceships design spreadsheet is copyright 2009 eric b. smith. this spreadshet is based on information contained in the gurps spaceships series of...

Vorkosigan saga: sourcebook and roleplaying game

Gurps, "warehouse 23... elements - spaceships, death rays, stunners, clones, worm-hole jumps, and strange new worlds - the stories are not about gadgets.

Fudge space opera - soni

Spaceships and starhopping is only one half of my own personal definition of the term "space opera."... opera rpg setting, see gurps traveller: first in from

Book 1: characters and combat spirit of the far future

Mercenary maneuvers, rag-tag groups in small spaceships attempting to remain solvent... (gurps or d20) to what we perceive to be important to ct.

Some sample clichés (and what they're good for ...

Gurps, fudge and tunnels and trolls), have also provided... people in airplanes or spaceships flying around and trying to blow each other out of the sky.

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