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The cassini mission to saturn is the most ambi-tious effort in planetary space exploration ever mounted. a joint endeavor of nasa, the european

Saturn - nasa

Lg-2009-09-575-hq - jpl 400-1344n 09/09. saturn was the most distant of the five planets known to the ancients. in 1610, italian astronomer galileo galilei was the...

Jet propulsion laboratory - space, stars, mars, earth ...

Jet propulsion laboratory 4 nasa facts owe their legacy to the seasat mission. the imaging radar flown on seasat led to a pair of missions flown on the space

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Astronaut 2012 astronaut takes you from earth into space... and beyond. experience a rocket launch from inside the body of an astronaut. explore the amazing

New generation ground-based optical/infrared telescopes

new generation ground-based optical/infrared telescopes alan t. tokunaga and robert jedicke institute for astronomy university of hawaii encyclopedia of the solar...

Our solar system - jet propulsion laboratory

National aeronautics and space administration. our solar system. national aeronautics and space administration. mercury venus earth mars jupiter

Asteroids do have satellites - lunar and planetary institute

Merline et al.: asteroids do have satellites 291 et al., 1997), and 1996 fg 3 (pravec et al., 1998b). while these systems are likely to be real, they have not been con-

Rigins 37/38 our solar system and its origin

Knowledge of our solar system has grown exponentially in recent years. voyager, clementine, magellan, near (near earth asteroid rendevous), galileo, mars...

Teacher enrichment resource packet for discovery lesson

Discovery lesson 2009 explorit science center • davis, california • 530.756.0191 • explorit{*{^et^}*}explori • teacher enrichment resource...

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467 dussel.europe, modernity, and eurocentrism peoples of the north egypt phoenicia, semitic tribes classical greek and hellenic world western roman world

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