Glock tactical light

Select the location desired on the weapon for mounting the pressure switch... recharged or exposed to fire or high temperatures.

The ak47: full auto conversion for dummies

Carrier to produce automatic fire when the selector level is placed in the middle position... you now have a select fire rifle. when the selector is placed in the upper

Carburetor plate nitrous systems installation ...

Select the horsepower setting that you want to... our fuel pressure safety switch (pn 15708) should be used. 5... nitrous flash fire and explosion will result!!!

Hk usp, usp compact pistol & usp specialty pistols operators ...

Installed, will fire if the magazine is removed, a cartridge is in the chamber, and the trigger is pressed (with the control lever in the fire position if applicable).

M&p shield accessories v11 - smith & wesson

Available in green or fire red and proudly made in the usa. shield tm 9... shooters with a distinct on/off switch that turns the laser on only when you need it.

Owner's manual model 41 - smith & wesson

Loaded and will fire if the trigger is pulled. do not take anyone's word that the firearm is... it is important to select the proper ammunition for your firearm.

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