Strengthening agricultural extension and advisory systems

Agriculture and rural development discussion paper 45 strengthening agricultural extension and advisory systems: procedures for assessing, transforming...

Framework on effective rural communication for ...

Foreword v he framework on effective rural communication for development is the result of an inter-institutional expert consultation workshop organized by the food and agriculture organization of...

1 -1 the state 1 of food 20 and agriculture

Copies of fao publications can be requested from: sales and marketing group office of knowledge exchange, research and extension food and agriculture organization of...

A rough guide for irrigation development ...

The irrigation revitalisation rough guide i abstract abstract in 2003 the water research commission funded a three-year project to develop guidelines for the revitalisation of smallholder irrigation schemes...

Aquaponics - integration of hydroponics with aquaculture

Attra // aquaponics - integration of hydroponics with aquaculture page 3 benefits both nitrifying bacteria and plant roots. • dissolved and suspended organic materials accumulate rapidly in aquaculture systems

Farming systems approach introduction - manage

Category of farmers. new farming system approach models could be developed by means of on farm research and extension. it causes consequential a complex change

Democratic republic of congo agriculture ...

Preamble the government of the democratic republic of congo (drc) and the national stakeholders of the comprehensive african agricultural development program in the drc are engaged in an agriculture sector investment attraction and development initiative to identify

Mobile applications for agriculture and rural development

Page ii affordable services. these supply chain integration applications could provide significant economic and social benefits-among them, creating jobs, adding value, reducing product losses...

Financing agricultural cooperative societies in ...

Ii agricultural cooperative financing and if there is any significant relationship between the factors inhibiting agricultural cooperatives and non-agricultural cooperatives.

South africa s trade policy and strategy framework

South africa's trade policy and strategy framework dr brendan vickers. chief director: research and policy. international trade and economic development (ited) presentation to...

Horticulture training manual - nafri

V the author/editor team appreciates the commitments from padect, mr. noukone for initial translation into lao language and the department of agriculture and extension in supporting

Botswana cde and itc partnership project on value chains

Botswana cde and itc partnership project on value chains beef value chain findings, strategy and proposed interventions october 2014 peer review draft

Farm workers' living and working conditions in

Iii | p a g e market deregulation and trade liberalisation have, on the one hand, seen the state withdrawing from the sector. agricultural marketing boards and the single marketing system, which previously forced producers to negotiate en bloc with powerful international supermarkets, were phased out.

Building competitiveness in africa's agriculture

Agriculture and rural development building competitiveness in africa's agriculture a guide to value chain concepts and applications c. martin webber and patrick labaste

Social drivers of sustainable development - background note

Emerging issues: social drivers of sustainable development-note for the secretariat submitted by unrisd, 14 november 2013 3 of employment.2 rather than prioritizing growth strategies that see employment as a side effect, development strategies, including macroeconomic policy, need to prioritize employment and


Daff official newsletter of the department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries november 2016 sustainable farming practices were a highlight in the discussions on

Cash tra nsfers - who

Executive summary executive summary i execu this paper provides a synthesis of current global evidence on the impact contexts, o direct, regular and or and vulnerable households to raise and smooth incomes.

Namibia's 5th national - gov

Iii working together towards prosperity the fifth national development plan (ndp5) is the 5th ndp in the series of a total of seven (7) national developmnet plans that are to

1 point fundamental ideas - kantei

Provisional 1. 1 point. fundamental ideas (where do we stand in our growth strategy and what is expected?) under the abenomics, reforms have been implemented that had previously been considered

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