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Trade name isoprep 188 chemical family inorganic salts formula proprietary mixture hmis rating: 2 health 0 flammability 0 reactivity other

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16 oz. can isoprep 188 (453.6g) deoxidizer... liberally daub on the isoprep 188 deoxidizing solution using a portion of the scotch-brite pad supplied in the kit.

Aluminum-manganese plating bath

3. deoxidize in a proprietary chromate type deoxidizer (isoprep 188), five minutes, room temperature. 4, r insv. 5. dry. adhesion

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Deoxidizer non-chromated 316 stainless steel diethylene glycol 304 stainless steel... isoprep (186, 187, 188) 316 stainless steel jetal 304 stainless steel

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