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Surveys jevons' paradox blake alcott gretenweg 4, ch 8038 zurich, switzerland received 21 july 2004; received in revised form 11 february 2005; accepted 2 march...

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According to jevon's paradox, as technological advance occurs and boosts efficiency total consumption may increase rather than decrease.

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Remember jevon's paradox recyclability. suppliers: future approach? public and transparent eh&s data sharing utc and public

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Little! more! use! from our! current! known! stocks.!jevon's paradox! notes that! historically,!every!time! we've!developed!a!technol ogy!thatincreases!efficie ncy!of!

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Thff f ' d l ffhe effects of jevon's paradox in relation to energy efficiency in the united states is not generally apparent.

1. introduction

Recently the jevon's paradox has been approached in the field of economics and termed "rebound effect". it has been the subject of articles, research...

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As jevon's paradox [9], which was the observation that the more efficient use of coal in the industrialized world in the 1800s actu-

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Beware of jevon's paradox, though. the history of technology shows an unfortunate pattern: every time something is invented that makes us more

Chapter thirteen: the marginalist school jevons, menger, von ...

Note: jevon's had finally solved the water/diamond paradox... bastiat: "that which is seen and unseen" or the broken window paradox eugen von bohm-bawerk

Business strategy and the environment 17 , 411-419 (2008) (www ...

Even as effi ciency improves - a phenomenon now known as jevon's paradox and well documented in the literature (e.g. alcott, 2005).

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Low cost will drive demand up (jevon's paradox) hpc is uniquely positioned to help change the industry twofold solve difficult problems ahead of us.

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