The citation of wikipedia in judicial opinions

The citation of wikipedia in judicial opinions lee f. peoples-12 yale j.l. & tech. 1 (2009) abstract wikipedia has been cited in over four hundred american

Wikipedia - massachusetts institute of technology

ii. the case of wikipedia wikipedia, the online, open-source encyclopedia ( is a compelling example of open source production.

Sleeping with the enemy: wikipedia in the college ...

Sleeping with the enemy: wikipedia in the college classroom 249 students, these faculty would say, need to be more aware of the drawbacks of wikipedia and the...

What is a wiki? - wikieducator

all content sourced from and is licensed under cc-by-sa or cc-by where specified. introducing a wiki objectives in this tutorial we will:

The effects of diversity on group productivity and ...

If the person had at least one edit to: an article within the project scope, the talk page of such an article, any of the project organization pages, or the user...

Autonomous military robotics: risk, ethics, and design

Autonomous military robotics: risk, ethics, and design prepared for: us department of navy, office of naval research prepared by: patrick lin, ph.d.

Hindi language manual - language manuals for ...

- religion hindi is a language. hinduism is a religion, and its believers are called hindus. not all hindus speak hindi, and not all hindi-speakers are hindus.

Why the power of the crowd is driving the future of ...

Crowdsourcing - page 1 main idea "crowdsourcing" is the act of takinga task traditionallyperformedbya designatedagent(suchas anemployeeor a contractor)and

By kate constable - allen & unwin

literature discussing and responding to themes racial prejudice there are many instances of racial prejudice in this story, from that shown to aboriginal

Face-off: presidential debates in american history

Faceoff: presidential debates in american history by amanda carmelitano and alan singer with denise cooper, william gibbons, derek pearce, and firuza

Allan rohan crite, 1910 2007 20 21 century african ...

Page 2 allan crite's artwork spanned over seventy decades and encompassed vibrant colors, lots of light and a sense of action.

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