Measure for the survey of the dimensions of a ...

• two theodolites leica t3000 (picture 3)... • leica axyz "training manual for theodolites" • manual leica theomat of operation for theodolite t3000

*englisch nr 41 mod

With manual recording. one can be more flexible, because the project can be... together with a leica t3000 precision theodolite to match it. it was also decided

Leica tda5000 - short range performance tests using corner ...

Tbpr05 manual tbpr05 / atr 3 4 5 7.5 10 12.5 15 20 25 40 0.00 0.10 0.20 0.30 0.40... [ 5 ] leica. t3000/t3000a/tm5000/tdm5000 precision electronic theodolites.

Version 1.0 july 2001

Acams v1.0 is designed to work with leica t3000 and t2002 series theodolites... detailed instructions on each survey procedure are included in this manual.

03 deformation measurement & alignment instrumentation

(discontinued production), leica (wild) t2002 and t3000, and a few others, are equipped with... • relies on manual reading and manual target alignment;

Surveying the deflection of an arch bridge to sub ...

Two leica t3000 electronic theodolites and gre data recorders (gre3 and gre4)... the manual booking was invaluable to sort out data sequence problems.

Technical report 9 mt stromlo satellite laser ranging observatory ...

"supplement to tc2002/t3000 operator's manual" as follows: x t h t p d 10 1 4.126 10 1 0.29065 281.8 4 1 where... leica precision solid cube retro-reflectors.

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