Ctappearance and potential

Loculated fluid collections inhepatic fissures and recesses: ctappearance and potential 1 yong h.aub, md jae h.lim, md kiwkim, md deok hee lee,md moon...

Sonography of the liver sonography ...

Ligamentum teres • the obliterated fetal remnant of the umbilical vein in the fissure for ligamentum teres • joins the umbilical segment of the left portal vein

Sonographic demonstration of couinaud's liver segments

376 couinaud liver segments j ultrasound med 17:375-381, 1998 procedure for localizing a hepatic mass to one of couinaud's segments with sonography

Hepatic surgical anatomy - hepatobilier

Portoumbilical fissure - this fissure is marked superficially by the attachment of the falciform ligament, which contains the ligamentum teres

Iver normal sonographic anatomy - jones & bartlett ...

25 t he l iver chapter 2:the liver dunstan abraham normal sonographic anatomy • homogeneous, echogenic texture (figure 2-1) • measures approximately...

Efsumb - european course book - fudan university

Efsumb - european course book editor: christoph f. dietrich ultrasound of the liver christoph f. dietrich, carla serra 2, maciej jedrzejczyk

Hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer ): introduction

Hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer): introduction headed by dr. ahmet gurakar, our team of full-time faculty members specializing in liver cancer includes:

Department of anatomy university of malta

Development of the liver and pancreas professor alfred cuschieri department of anatomy university of malta

Abdomen - kalam books

74 anatomy 113. caudate lobe of liver is situated between - (pgi 90) a. gall bladder & groove for ligamentum teres b. ivc and ligamentum venosum

anatomy - medical mnemonics

Anatomy bowel components [id 189] "dow jones industrial average closing stock report": from proximal to distal: duodenum jejunum ileum appendix colon

Liver structure & function; metabolism fig. 24-19

fig. 24-20 ii. liver functions a. metabolism includes anabolism (buildup or formation of complex compounds) and catabolism (breakdown or destruction of compounds.

Techniques of hepatic resection - sultan qaboos university

Techniques of hepatic resection 161 in this chapter, we describe the techniques of liver resection, including anatomic, anesthetic, and technical considerations, as...

Functional anatomy of the normal liver - zone ...

Gross and surface anatomy location: the liver located in the right upper quadrant extending from 5th right intercostal space to right costal margin.

Blood in the belly: ct findings of hemo- peritoneum

Education exhibit 109 blood in the belly: ct findings of hemo-peritoneum1 learning objectives for test 4 after reading this article and taking the test...

Gastrointestinal perforation: ultrasonographic diagnosis

Results radiological anatomy upper and lower gastrointestinal perforation can be dif-ferentiate by transverse mesocolon such as the peritoneal cavity, usually divided...

Pneumoperitoneum on supine abdominal x-ray: case ...

Chiu et al./pneumoperitoneum on supine abdominal x-ray 47 since the patient responded to fluid resuscitation, he was escorted to the computed tomography (ct) suite

Essential surface & related anatomy for ...

Essential surface & related anatomy for clinical practice compiled by dr robert whitaker & dr jessica white (see also pages 210-234 in instant anatomy.

Ct findings in superior vena cava obstruction

Ct findings in superior vena cava obstruction by joseph w. yedlicka, kurt schultz, rogelio moncada, and michael flisak t he clinical manifestations of...

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