Lucanus cervus (coleoptera, lucanidae) - 4th symposium and ...

Rev. ├ęcol. (terre vie), vol. 63, 2008. - 145 - the stag beetle lucanus cervus (coleoptera, lucanidae) in art and mythology eva sprecher-uebersax 1

New records - acadian entomological society - home page

J. acad. entomol. soc. 4: 25-31 (2008) 2008 acadian entomological society new records abstract four species of lucanidae are now known to occur in the...

Introduction to the identification of beetles (coleoptera)

23 - dichotomous keys to some families of florida coleoptera the order coleoptera may contain the largest number of described species of any insect order.

(a) insects for which a permit is not required

California department of food and agriculture 111.1 plant quarantine manual 11-10-10 3558. insects which may be imported or

Survey of the saproxylic invertebrates of

Saproxylic invertebrates of cowdray park mark g. telfer 2012 page 2 of 14 suggested citation: telfer, m.g. (2012). a survey of the saproxylic invertebrates of...

Paulownia tomentosa - invasive species: information, images ...

Invasive plants of asian origin established in the us and their natural enemies - 123 introduction all seven species of the genus paulownia

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