Research group, llc 244 fifth avenue - welcome veterans to the ...

Agent and request his or her dd214 at the... those who receive an army re code of 1 may... ineligible to reenlist for 93 days alter date of separation.

Research group, llc 244 fifth avenue - welcome veterans to the ...

Spn codes have been replaced by a 'separation code' (item 26 on the dd214). the dod no longer allows for military branches to release the meaning of these codes to the

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Military separation codes (separation program numbers) alphabetical codes... knd - no defintion on this code at this time knf - other knl - good of the service

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Which provides the corresponding separation program designator code for the regulatory authority and reason for separation. for a usma cadet who fails to graduate...

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References to separation for homosexual conduct and concealment of pre... 12681, title 10, united states code. applicability. this regulation applies to

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