Cleave-chek interferometer system

Cleave-chek interferometer system the norland cleave-chek interferometer system provides detailed information about the surface condition of a

Fiber optics index - norland products

Accis nc-3000 automated non-contact interferometer system the norland accis nc-3000 is a fully automated, non-contact interferometric microscope designed for...

Advantage multifiber system

Advantage multifiber system the norland advantage multifiber system is an automated non-contact interferometer designed for measuring the end face geometry...

Live-axis turning nathan buescher, thomas dow, alexander ...

Jeffrey roblee, bruce norland precitech, inc... light interferometer (swli) measurements in figure 3 shows 50 x 70 µm patch represents approximately 35 tool

Interferometer testing- white paper

Interferometer testing will be greatly off set... the author wishes to thank norland product for the technical information and graphics used in this paper.

(9) end-face inspection - inemi | advancing manufacturing ...

interferometer data (radius of curvature, apex offset and fiber undercut) were recorded for each dut and reference - norland interferometer (nc-3000).

Development of cleanliness specification for single-

Interferometer data (radius of curvature, apex offset and fiber undercut) were recorded for each dut and reference - norland interferometer...

Mtp mpo high performance fibre optic solutions for data centres

Norland's industry leading equipment... norland advantage multifibre array interferometer. the exfo multi channel testers underwrite our ability to

Late additions to xan3d auction

802 norland 25202 interferometer with 20x objective, 20x eyepiece, built-in light soucre and rechargeable battery 803 omega dp465 digital thermometer

Fiber optic - bel - components for a connected planet

• end-face geometry verified by interferometer • 100% insertion loss tested... • norland interferometers • westover visual scopes • exfo il / rl testers

Equipment, processes and facilities

Interferometer tester ohm meters optical camparator optical power meter... norland products connect check 6000 interferometry tester parker majestic 2z surface grinder

Ferrule endface geometry for field polished connectors

Interferometric measuring equipment such as dorc, norland, daisi, and fibo... many interferometer manufacturers allow the user to enter pass-fail limits into

Durability of glass ceramic jacketted optical fibre

Dimensional interferometer (model: accis nc-2800, norland) before and after the immersion and high tem-perature endurance tests. in the high temperature test...

Phoenix optix

norland nc 3000 and 6000 interferometers for single fiber ferrule end face geometry testing. • daisi multifiber interferometer for mtp...

Advanced ligo suspending optics on steel wire loops

Laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory... norland #88 uv-cured epoxy (glass only) 5. tra-bond #2254 (tan/brown) 6. tra-bond #2151 (blue) 7.

Eo polymer-based integrated-optical acoustic spectrum analyzer ...

Optical epoxy (norland 73). the waveguides are 7 m wide and separated by 12 m (center-to-center) in the directional coupler... interferometer and thus...

Polymeric 2 x 2 electrooptic switch consisting of asymmetric y ...

Bridge mz interferometer switch incorporating 3-db couplers [7]... (norland optical adhesive 61) of 2- m thickness is used as the upper cladding layer.

2454 ieee photonics technology letters, vol. 18, no. ...

Prepolymer, noa65 (norland optical adhesive 65, thorlabs inc.), the lens material was self-assembly as plano-convex... quired on an interferometer [fig. 2(b)].

Parallel optical coherence tomography system

Lens with a uv curable epoxy (norland noa74) to minimize backreflections. the epoxy had a coating... interferometer for ultrahigh resolution frequency domain op-

Two-dimensional and 3-dimensional optical coherence tomographic ...

Nected to a michelson interferometer that splits the light source into a sample and reference beam... norland products, cranbury, nj) under a micro-scope.

Innovative exploitation of grating-coupled surface plasmon ...

In lloyd's mirror interferometer, one source is replaced by a mirror... (norland optical adhesive - noa61 [22]) can be chosen in order to exploit its relatively

User-facility capabilities

10 micron twyman-green interferometer. contact: glenn boreman 10.6 um wavelength testing lwir optics... norland connect -check 6000 apex offset

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